As the year 2018 is proceeding towards its end. The month of a November  is now starting and soon the winter season is starting in Karachi. Although w

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As the year 2018 is proceeding towards its end. The month of a November  is now starting and soon the winter season is starting in Karachi. Although winter season is short and it seems, that it has gone in just the blink of an eye. Karachi almost never sees a snowfall and hardly experiences a rainfall during the entire period of winter. However, the mountainous regions of Pakistan are areas are frequently, covered with snow blanket as winter arrives. The snowcapped mountain view of northern areas of Pakistan are simply breathtaking. Murree and Nathia gali are center of attraction for the tourists. Families from all over Pakistan especially comes to visit murree to spend their winter vacations and to enjoy the season’s first snowfall. The streets of murree are usually crowded with people during the whole winter. Winter does not comes alone, it also brings its countless benefits with it. Winter brings its own joy and happiness.  Every year, the beginning of winter brings a satisfaction and calmness to my nature. Sitting still on a chair and viewing from my home terrace in the moonlight and listening to the sound of leaves they create due to the cold breeze, it is a moment of immense happiness to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite coffee in such a peaceful and quite beautiful atmosphere.   In addition, to this in the cold climate we enjoy a lot of colorful seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. It will be no wrong if we say, winter is the season of colors. The fruits that are a gift of winter includes the citrus fruits family, pomegranates and pears. These winter season fruit possess antiviral and antioxidant properties that refresh you up in the chilly weather and keep you away from the viral infections and also boost your immune system.  Cabbage and peas are my most liked vegetables of this season. How one can forget about, the most celebrated and loved food in winter season that is chicken soup and “gajar ka halwa” garnished with variety of dry fruits. Soup or chicken broth is commonly available and consumed widely in karachi.

Small soup stalls will be seen commonly, on the streets of Karachi city as the winter is to arrive in a while. The price of a bowl is quite reasonable and it costs upto Rs.50 to Rs.70 with or without boiled egg to prevent you from the effects of chilly weather. Nothing can beat this soup as it very delectable and unique in taste. Chicken soup is sometimes homemade by my mom, she always tries new variations by adding noddles, peas or cream which makes it more appetizing. The “gajar ka halwa” is a yummilicious treat to your taste buds. In Karachi, “gajar ka halwa” is specially made and sold during the entire winter season. There is also another tasty treat to enjoy in the cold weather is the famous and traditional desi styled “kaddu ka halwa” with the addition of cashews in it, is also prepared and served at my home. Inspite of the fact, the every season has its own elegance but, the brilliance of winter is just in comparable, because of its all delightful and delicious foods that it brings.